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By B. A. E. Meekings, T. P. Kudrycki, M. D. Soren (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0333569199

ISBN-13: 9780333569191

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Thus a BASIC program which makes too much use of 'peek' and 'poke' instructions is not easily intelligible. In C an easy and convenient way of obtaining the address of a data item is provided. Correspondingly, given the address of a data item, we can easily obtain its value. As might be expected, in C the mechanism is short and simple. We obtain the address of an item by prefixing it with ampersand: thus &x is the address of x. In order that we can manipulate addresses we need to be able to define items that have pointers or addresses as their values.

As with other new features introduced by the C standard, one may decide not to use them given that there are still many compilers which are not strictly confonnant. In chapter lOwe will present some techniques which may be used to write strictly portable programs and yet allow the programs to be successfully compiled by the older, non standard compilers. Functions 27 RETURNING VALUES VIA THE PARAMETER LIST As well as receiving data values through the parameter list it is also reasonable to expect that we can communicate data values back to the caller through one or more parameters.

So that no confusion arises in these early examples, the parameters have been given names that are different from the names of the arglllTIents. The names leave no doubt as to which parameter corresponds to which argument. The return statement passes a single value from the function to the caller. The type of this value is determined by the form of the expression in the return statement and the type of the operands. 5. 6. The main function of any program is called by the underlying operating system and is always defined as returning a value of type into Some operating systems interpret the value returned by the program at the completion of the main function and may act upon it.

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