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By Steven Saylor

In the 12 months forty eight B.C., Rome is in the middle of Civil battle. As Pompey and Caesar struggle for regulate of the Republic, Rome turns into a hotbed of intrigue, pushed via espionage, greed and betrayals.

A attractive younger seeress staggers around the Roman market and dies within the fingers of Gordianus the Finder. probably mad and claiming no reminiscence of her prior, Cassandra― like her Trojan namesake―was reputed to have the present of prophecy, a present many in Rome might pay for handsomely...or lodge to homicide.

Obsessed with Cassandra's secret, Gordianus investigates her homicide. As he peels away the veils of secrecy surrounding her lifestyles and demise, he discovers an internet of conspiracy linking a lot of Rome's such a lot ruthless and strong ladies. Now Gordianus's pursuit not just endangers his personal lifestyles, yet might switch the way forward for Rome.

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How can any so-called election held under such circumstances constitute a true vote of the people? The last elections were a farce and a scandal, a mime show put on for the sole purpose of putting Caesar's handpicked men in office. " groaned Canininus. " "Corrupt, maybe"-Canininus shrugged and smirked-"but hardly meaningless. The fact of the matter is that Rome has a government in place, and that government is running the city, whether you like it or not. " Canininus laughed spitefully, along with some of the more vehement of the Caesarian faction.

He was a soldier, not a sailor. He would have been by Caesar's side, safe on the farther shore. In any case, of what concern was Meto's fate to me? Suddenly, all around us in the Forum, there was a sense of movement and occasion. I caught glimpses of messengers running across nearby squares. In the distance I saw a group of men gather before the steps leading up to the Temple of Castor and Pollux to listen to an elderly senator in a toga who had something to tell them-from such a distance, I could hear only a vague echo of his voice.

That was how she often looked, especially during a fit of prophecy-but when her eyes met mine, I saw in them a look of utter panic, and my blood turned cold. She ran to me, her arms reaching forward, her gait uneven. " she cried. Her voice was hoarse and strained. She fell into my arms. Beside me, Bethesda gave a start and dropped her radishes. Cassandra fell to her knees, pulling me down with her. " I gasped. I lowered my voice to a whisper. "If this is some pretense-" She clutched my arms and cried out.

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