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By Sandy Blair

ISBN-10: 0821779966

ISBN-13: 9780821779965

Scoundrel, seducer, Sir Ian MacKay merits to be referred to as the Thief of Hearts. but, he's a guy with a undertaking: to come back Scotland's rightful king to his ancestral throne. yet first he needs to discover the genuine id of the mysterious girl whose attractiveness and wit have dazzled the court...and why she is heading off him. Can it's attainable that Kate Templeton is an English undercover agent? notwithstanding Ian insists that no girl has ever refused him, Kate vows to withstand his scandalous allure. major him on a merry chase all over the place Scotland is the way to shield her middle. but a passionate war of words brings them jointly at last...and the one be aware on her lips is definite.

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The mountains are the cause. The Highlanders, isolated in glens and valleys, speak Gael and their law is that of the clan. ' The Lowlanders, on the other hand, have the Norman system and speak Scots. Few can speak both. " Kate rolled a piece of gravel along the edge of the battlement. "But Ian speaks both Gael and Scots ... " Lady Beth grinned. "So it's Ian, is it? Nay, dinna bother denying it. Ye are smitten as well. " Kate blinked in surprise. " She spoke four and thought herself well schooled.

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