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Katie Roubideaux, 1898 224 165. Sweat Lodge, Covering Raised, 1898 225 166. Ella Turkey and Friends, about 1899 226 167. Building a Fire by Friction 227 168. High Bear Making Fire with Flint and Steel 228 169. High Bear Cooking Meat in a Paunch 229 16. Burial Customs 231-236 170. Indian Burials in Trees, 1886 233 171. Crow Good Voice's Grave 234 172. Sioux Graves on Black Pipe Creek at Edge of Bad Lands, Page xxix about 1886 235 173. Chief Spotted Tail's Grave, about 1889 236 17. The Bad Lands 237-245 174.

The second was kept by Mrs. Anderson from January 1 to January 17, 1930. Both are in the Sioux Indian Museum at Rapid City, South Dakota, deposited there in 1969 by their grandson, Harold Anderson. There was also a third Anderson diary, which we were unable to find. Mrs. Alma Roosa, Anderson's niece, read parts of it with Mrs. Anderson years ago. She thinks that, although the Andersons collaborated on its contents, it was actually written by Mrs. Anderson. The dates it covered are unknown. In the 188990 diary Anderson did not always make his entries day by day but sometimes made a number of them at one time.

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