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Physics is a fancy, even daunting subject, however it can be deeply gratifying even exciting. And liberated from its mathematical underpinnings, physics without warning turns into available to somebody with the interest and mind's eye to discover its attractiveness. technological know-how with no math? it is not that strange. for instance, we will comprehend the concept that of gravity with out fixing a unmarried equation. So for all those that could have meditated what makes blueberries blue and strawberries crimson; in case you have puzzled if sound fairly travels in waves; and why mild behaves so otherwise from the other phenomenon within the universe, it is all an issue of quantum physics. "Absolutely Small" offers (and demystifies) the area of quantum technological know-how like no e-book prior to. It explores clinical innovations from debris of sunshine, to likelihood, to states of topic, to what makes greenhouse gases undesirable in significant intensity, yet utilizing examples from the standard international. not easy with no being intimidating, obtainable yet no longer condescending, "Absolutely Small" develops the reader's instinct for the very nature of items at their most elementary and interesting degrees.

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However, we did not discuss the nature or consequences of such a disturbance. Now, we need to come to grips with the true character of matter and what happens when we make measurements. 4. The classical mathematical description of light waves employed Maxwell’s equations to quantitatively describe interference. The mathematical entity that repre46 LIGHT: WAVES OR PARTICLES? 47 sented a light wave in the theory is called a wavefunction. A function gives a mathematical description of something, in this case a light wave.

The magnetic field from a magnet is static, not oscillatory as in light. You may have also seen the effects of electric fields. If you have combed your hair on a very dry day with a plastic comb, you may have noticed that your hair is attracted to it. After combing, very small bits of paper may jump to the comb as the comb is brought close to them. These effects are caused by a static electric field. An electromagnetic wave has both electric and magnetic fields that oscillate. Unlike ocean waves, which travel in water, and sound waves, SOME THINGS ABOUT WAVES 27 which travel in air, light waves can travel in a vacuum.

After the redefinition, the wavefunction was taken to tell how many photons were in a region of space, say leg 1 of the interferometer, and the intensity could still be calculated. This redefinition seemed perfectly reasonable, but it was wrong! The entire description of half of the photons going into each leg of the interferometer is fundamentally wrong. The correct description required the leap to thinking quantum mechanically. Many things are wrong with the picture that half of the photons LIGHT: WAVES OR PARTICLES?

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