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Thus this experiment may have maximized the soil profile effects, and the relationships in fields where inorganic sources of nitrogen are used might differ only quantitatively from those presented in this paper. The use of more irrigation water consistently increased the amount of nitrate leached and decreased denitrification. However, the two irrigation treatments differed only in the length of time that irrigation water was applied for each irrigation. If the higher rate of water application had been attained by more frequent irrigation, the effect of more water might have been to increase rather than decrease denitrification losses.

Water was applied using sprinkler systems. The experiment was started in October 1970 and terminated with soil sampling in the October to December period in 1974. The experimental plots were 15 m by 15 m 34 Nitrogen Losses and Soil Profile TABLE 1 SOME MORPHOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF REPRESENTATIVE PROFILES FOR SOILS USED IN THIS STUDY. 1ev clear smooth clear smooth gradual smooth gradual smooth diffuse smooth diffuse smooth Ramona sandy loam (Typic Haploxeralf) Ap Al A3 Bl B21t B22t B3t Cl C2 020426075 95 120 150160- 20 42 60 75 95 120 150 160 188 fine sandy loam fine sandy loam fine sandy loam fine sandy loam loam loam loam sandy loam loam slightly hard, friable slightly hard, friable hard, firm hard, firm very hard, very firm very hard, very firm hard, firm hard, firm loose Domino silt loam (Xerollic Calciorthid) Ap Al Ac Cl C2 C3 b 02842 62 8098- 28 42 62 80 98 128 silt loam silty clay silty clay silty clay silty clay silty clay slightly hard, friable hard, friable granular hard, firm hard, firm hard, firm hard, very firm These pH values are for non-irrigated sites.

Changes in nitrate nitrogen in field plot profiles as measured by the porous cup technique. Soil Sei. 100, 397402 (1965). 45 EVALUATION OF FERTILIZERS BASED ON UREA1 J. 3. Measurements of transformation of urea N into ammonia N, of ammonia volatilization, and of pH of the surface soil layer could explain and predict results obtained in a parallel greenhouse experiment. There, the results indicated that UP and APP when surface-applied were better sources of N than UAPP and much better than urea at both pH levels.

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